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what we do


“The Eastside Family”

As a family owned and run business, Eastside Mustang Enhancement takes great pride in offering their customers a fully personalised, and friendly service at all times. The business ensures their fully qualified and trained mechanics and technicians are kept up to date with the new S550 Mustangs repair and modification methods.
The team at Eastside Mustang Enhancement understand what a Mustang enthusiast expects, leaving their brand new 2016 Mustang in someone else’s hands. You need to know that your Mustang will be treated the same way as you would treat your new car. Our team are just like you – passionate Mustang enthusiasts. So it not hard for us to understand just how you feel when you hand over your keys.
Our staff are all enthusiasts and the company culture is built around understanding the outcome a client is looking for and matching that with a quality job and pedantic detail.

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Our history

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Motor Radiators – Somerton Park

In 2007 Motor Radiators recieved the Natrad, the industry standard, National Franchise Of The Year award, a first for South Australia!. we can fabricate alloy, copper and brass radiators as well as make all the fittings, build custom intercoolers, catch cans and overflow bottles in-house.

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Eastside Performance Centre

Founded in 2003 to be the “one-stop shop” performance Centre. Eastside Performance Centre has the ability and resources to be able to make and fit modifications or upgrades for your special car.

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Eastside Automotive

Eastside joined the Repco family in 2014 and since have gone from strength to strength, Andy and his talented team have built this business based on the foundations of rapport, building relationships of trust with the customer is what keeps bringing them back!!

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Eastside Imports

Andy Founded Eastside Imports in 2006 with a view to make the customers experience one like they have never had previously. Andy and his team hunted and searched for American cars to be imported upon the customers request then would arrange the shipping and freight, all the way to having your car passed through Government rules and regulations then delivered back to the customer, ready to “jump-in & drive”.

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Mission & values

To provide the customer with the best customised Mustang without compromising on quality or business ethics.

  • Integral
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Dependable
  • Fun-Loving
  • Collaborative
  • Efficient
  • Positiveness
  • Creativeness
  • Teamwork
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Work team

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Our advantages – Why Eastside?

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Quite simply, we are passionate,experienced and very fussy about how we present our work to our customers.

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Our delight comes from your delight and we work to that end each and every day.

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Our Customers

We encourage our prospective customers to come and see our operation,witness our passion and see that we aren’t a website,we are real as are the cars we are entrusted to enhance and care for by their fussy owners.

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