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Eastside Mustang Enhancement

EME is part of the Eastside Enterprises group,a locally owned family business.

The company was conceived in 2000 as a wholesale distributor of automotive and crash repair products.
Following on in a similar theme the property was acquired at 55 Oaklands Rd where the company has grown into a multi faceted diverse automotive group.

The entire operation has been based on passion for motor vehicles and is still growing and diversifying in a changing marketplace.


Panel and Paint shop, mechanical services and importation of US vehicles together with restoration and modifications over many years have  paved the way for the birth of the EME business.

Experience and knowledge, particularly with American cars , has given EME a credible head start into understanding the evolution of the S550 Mustang for the Australian market.

As a result with a working infrastructure in place for many years, EME is able to confidently and skilfully manage and implement a diverse range of enhancements to theses exciting vehicles.

The range of products we offer has been tested on our own 2016 Mustang and our knowledge is first hand through actual experience.
We have been selected as the re-sellers for many blue chip premium quality brand names like Roush Performance, Xforce exhausts , ROH wheels and Harrop Performance,just to name a few.

Our affiliates carry a strong ethic and this translates to peace of mind for the company and its customers.

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